Asuna and Kirito are still as lovey-dovey as ever

not surprising. but as long as they don’t take away four whole episodes from the action dedicated to it, I’m fine with that. might even like it a bit

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so I’ve finally dragged my lazy ass out of bed and now it’s time to start my anime day

first up on the chopping block, because I enjoyed most of what I watched of season 1, and heard that the arc in season 2 is good again, is SAO2

just as soon as I wikipedia what I missed in the (apparently shitty) second half of season 1

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ohhhh, that explains it. 

the same guy who did TTGL’s soundtrack also did Kekkaishi’s. okay, that makes sense

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the song that’s playing in the background this episode sounds like Gurren Lagann… maybe a sample or something?

I’m not sure on the specifics but that is definitely something out of Gurren Lagann, I’m like 99 percent sure

either that or it’s real similar

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Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. - Maya Angelou (via blairwaldorfsquad)

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