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god warriors by tobiee

after browsing tumblr and /a/ and stuff and reading up on what people think of the latest Nisekoi chapter, I’ve noticed two things and naturally I have to comment

1. people actually seem to think that the princess girl is going to stick around.

nah, that’s not gonna happen. she’s a temporary character to help with Chitoge’s development (and to help further her painfully obvious winning of the Rakubowl further down the line). she’s not a new addition to the harem and won’t show up more than periodically, if more than once at all, and if that’s not the case I have to seriously question what Komi thinks he’s doing

2. people are hailing the princess girl as the “new best girl” because she’s got Chitoge’s looks with Onodera’s personality

that’s just a stupid thing to say because, while some people still seem to be wearing rose-colored glasses about it (and don’t take this the wrong way because I still like her, but), Onodera’s personality is super, super boring. her entire shtick nearly all the time is to be cute and go all “I like Raku but I’m too nervous to tell him”, and when she’s not doing that, she comes close to confessing and then it gets interrupted for the sole purpose of comic relief

long story short, Chitoge is still the best girl, the princess is only around for a few chapters to further Chitoge’s story, and Onodera is cute but very boring


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by ヤマシタアキラ

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet but the SYD OP2 goes hard

had it on repeat today lol


you: Your waifu is shit.

me: image



Walk in.
See this.
Wat do?

Depends, do you own a dog?



Imagine your icon as the protagonist of the last show you watched


I happen to have the news on in the background right this moment…

Roy Mustang, meteorologist

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